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If you cannot afford to pay the full amount of your bond, and surety is not an option, AAA Advantage Bail Bonds is still here to help you. If you have any items of value to use as collateral, such as a car or jewelry, then AAA Advantage Bail Bonds will pay that item's value towards your bail for you.

Our team will handle all the details of your release. All you need to do is make that call. AAA Advantage Bail Bonds will handle all the issues to get you out.

Always remember you are obligated to attend all scheduled court appearances or a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

If you are in jail, it is difficult for both you and your attorney to work on your case. Being free on bail makes the entire process much

easier. Think of your bail as an investment in your inevitable


If You Have Collateral, We Have Cash

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Bail is an investment in your eventual freedom

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